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How does staking work?

You can now stake you CHIPs & tinyman LP tokens. When you stake you will share in the profits from the casino. We will keep 50% of all profits, and the remaining 50% will be distributed amongst all stakers. Click the Chip above to stake now.

Against the House

If a player wins a lot, the prize pool will go down but you will never lose tokens. The house will eat all losses. All "Bet Against the House" games will have a house edge. In roulette, this is the two green numbers. This gives the house a better chance of winning than the player, and therefore long term the prize pool should create a profit.


Our Poker cash tables have one of the lowest rakes in the industry, poker rakes can be seen on the title of each table. Half of this rake goes to the casino whilst the other half is used to fund free jackpots at each table. Poker rakes do not currently feed into the house staking program.