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How does staking work?

When you stake your CHIPS, they go into a huge pool of CHIPS that are used to provide the prize tokens for the "Bet Against the House" games. The first of these games will be Simple Roulette. In simple roulette, a player can bet on a number and spin the wheel. If their bet wins, the CHIPS come out of the prize pool to cover the bet. If the bet loses, the players' bet gets added to the prize pool.

Against the House

If a player wins a lot, the prize pool will go down and you could lose tokens in the short term. All "Bet Against the House" games will have a house edge. In roulette, this is the two green numbers. This gives the house a better chance of winning than the player, and therefore long term the prize pool should create a profit.

Free Roll Poker

Additionally all poker rakes from Poker cash games and the fee minus prize for poker tournaments will add to prize pool profits. Free roll poker tournaments will not be funded or contribute to the prize pool. Profits and losses are accrued from when you join the prize pool. You will not be able to claim any portions of previous profits of or losses.