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Welcome to Algo-Casino

Stake & Play

Algo-Casino is the go to place for poker & casino games on the Algorand blockchain. YOU are the house. Prize pools will be maintained by users staking CHIP(ASA ID:388592191). In return they will take ALL the profits.

Help us Grow

Our casino app will be launching in alpha in Q4 2022. Weekly tournaments, freeroll and cash games will be available for poker players. Roulette, Black Jack & other casino games will be available sooner. All done with the CHIP token (ASA ID:388592191).

Our Journey Starts Here

CHIP is new, and will need help from the community to grow. 1,000,000,000 CHIPS have been created. 100,000,000 CHIPS(10%) liquidity provided to Tinyman.

What is Algo-Casino?

Algo-Casino is a new decentralized casino site for the Algorand community. You can be the house by staking your CHIPS. All profits will be distributed amongst the CHIP stakers.

When will you launch?

We are very early in the development stages. Our intended launch date is Q2 2022.


What is the CHIP token?

CHIP (ASA ID:388592191) is the native token we use on the site.  It is built on the Algorand block chain, so fees are super low.  You can Swap Algos for CHIPS on tinyman. There were 1 billion coins minted on creation. 

100,000,000 have been placed on tinyman to provide liquidity.